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Anna speaks at conferences, retreats and small gatherings of women. Her heart is to help women bravely talk about the messy places of life, instead of hiding shamefully under them. 

She believes that lasting beauty comes when women courageously surrender their ashes to God and allow him to do something miraculous with them. Anna’s speaking and teaching style is relatable, passionate and inspirational.

She loves speaking to women of all ages (and girls!) about their God-given purpose, relationships, and beauty. Her personal testimony includes how God has helped her overcome the 4 C’s – cowering, controlling, comparing, and competing.

Anna would love the opportunity to work with your team to create a dynamic message that touches the hearts of the women in your church and community.

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Mom Topics

Mom Advice:

Motherhood is the hardest job we ever loved. The days feel long, but the years go fast. Anna loves coming alongside moms to remind them that what they do day in and day out matters. Their work has eternal value and God sees even the seemingly small things moms do to invest in the hearts of their kids. In Anna’s talks to moms, she shares real-life stories from parenting her own three kids, and brings Biblical truths and encouragement to inspire moms to fully step in and embrace this high calling of motherhood.

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Marriage Topics

Masterpiece Marriage:

Marriage is hard. Is it possible to have a flourishing relationship with your husband when the demands of kids, work and life are wearing you down? In Anna’s keynote message on marriage, she shares real- life stories from her own marriage and talks about four Biblical principles wives can use to make their marriage a masterpiece. As with any art project, sometimes things get messy. But with God as our teacher, our messes can become a masterpiece.

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Living Confident When You’re Tempted to Cower, Cry, Compare, Compete and Control

In Anna’s retreat teaching series, she invites women into the Bible’s creation account to look at three extraordinary ways women uniquely bear the image of God. As Anna walks women through the study of Eve’s creation and fall, we discover God gave women a heart for relationships, purpose and beauty. Women tend to feel LACK in these three areas that tempt them to cower, cry, compare

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What people are saying

"Anna lights up a room with her energy, enthusiasm, and care for each woman who is present.  All of this is God-given and is a reflection of God’s light coming through her.  She has a wonderful felicitous way of speaking that addresses the realities of everyday life and encourages people to see how God can work in and through each person and situation."
— Marnie Silbert, Associate Pastor of Newlonsburg Presbyterian Church

"Anna is an exceptional public speaker and motivator who shares the love of Jesus and the word of God with ease.  She is at home in front of large audiences motivating women to seek God’s will in their lives:  to be the best wives, mothers and disciples that God has called them to be.  Anna’s passion for Christ and her natural charisma have inspired and fostered spiritual growth in so many women."
—Theresa Stones

"If anyone is looking to have Anna speak to their group, I guarantee they will not be disappointed.  She so uplifting and her energy is contagious.  She undeniably has God in her heart and plans to live up to His plan for her.  I have grown so much in my faith and most of it is because I've had the joy in getting to know Anna.  Having Anna in my life is one of the best blessings God has given me."
—Jeri Phillips

"This year Anna has really challenged me to share my faith.  I always felt awkward expressing my faith and even praying in public.  Anna’s encouragement has really helped me to have confidence.  I have never been good with words and tend to not share out of fear and Anna is so positive I have been comfortable sharing and really look forward to Bible study conversations.  She is so real and is not afraid to admit her struggles, which really makes her easy to talk to."
—Staci Eiben

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